Sona 2 by Lelo
Sona 2 by Lelo
Sona 2 by Lelo
Sona 2 by Lelo
Sona 2 by Lelo
Sona 2 by Lelo
Sona 2 by Lelo
Sona 2 by Lelo
Sona 2 by Lelo
Sona 2 by Lelo
Sona 2 by Lelo
Sona 2 by Lelo
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Sona 2 by Lelo


Lelo Sona 2
Did you love the Lelo Sona? Did you think that nothing could top those waves of orgasms rippling through your body? Did you think that nothing could improve on one of the best-selling toys?

Well, guess again!

Lelo has just released the Sona 2!

*cue crowd cheering and excited fans*

What’s the difference?

Like the OG Sona, the Sona 2 doesn’t use any old vibration. It uses sonic waves and pulses, we know, so high-tech and fancy. These are a lot better than traditional vibrations since the pulsating waves stimulate the entire clitoral region (even the parts you can’t see), which means that it tickles your pickle unlike any other vibrator!

Compared to the OG, the new and improved Sona comes (hehe) with:

  • Softer sonic waves
  • A wider range of sonic intensities
  • A deeper and larger mouth head (so you can fit more of your delicious self)
  • 2 X longer battery life so that you can get more than 200 orgasms per charge

Touched for the very first, but technically second, time

Similar to the OG, this second, but better, version has a simple yet ergonomic design that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. The buttons are all within reach to easily change the pattern and intensity, so that it doesn’t interrupt the titillating moment you’re experiencing.  

The Sona 2 has eight different pleasure settings and you can adjust the intensity of each one, so no two orgasms are the same! Unless you remember that one time you had a mind-blowing orgasm and want that experience again…

Get me wet

It goes without saying, but the Lelo Sona is made from body safe silicone. All of the materials used in creating this fine specimen are completely body safe and free from those nasty phthalates. It is completely waterproof, so if you’re feeling extra juicy you can use it in the bath or shower. But don’t use it in spas, pools or the ocean since chlorine and salt can degrade the beautiful outer silicone of this gorgeous device. We definitely don’t want that.

Compared to other toys on the market, the Sona 2 is quieter and due to its elegant discrete design, an ideal travel companion that will give you orgasms all the time!

To clean your Sona 2, run the curved beauty under warm water with a toy cleaner or mild soap. Allow it to dry completely before storing it in a dry location that’s easy to reach for next time.


Dating profile necessities:

Material: Silicone ABS

Finish: Matte, Glossy

Size: 115 x 50 x 56mm

Weight: 116g

Battery: Li-Ion 530mA 3.7V

Charging: 2h at 5.0V 400mA

User Time: 1h

Standby: 90 days

Frequency: 120 Hz

Max. Noise Level: 50 dB

Interface: 3-button interface, 8 modes