Onyx+ and Pearl 2 Couple Set by KIIROO
Onyx+ and Pearl 2 Couple Set by KIIROO
Onyx+ and Pearl 2 Couple Set by KIIROO
Onyx+ and Pearl 2 Couple Set by KIIROO
Onyx+ and Pearl 2 Couple Set by KIIROO
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Onyx+ and Pearl 2 Couple Set by KIIROO


The Onyx+ and Pearl2 Couple Set

This set incorporates KIIROO’S best male and female teledildonics product into a set for you and your partner. Feel and experience each other like never before. Sync and play with each other from across the world or room.

The Onyx+

The KIIROO Onyx+ brings you the most powerful new sensory experience available. The Successor of the much-awarded Onyx 2, the Onyx+ is a quiet, discrete and powerful male mastubator. The third generation of the much loved KIIROO Onyx masturbators will surely blow you away.

With a quieter motor than both the first and 2nd generation, the Onyx+ can reach up to 140 strokes per minute making the entire sensory experience a whole lot more immersive. 

Inside this amazing toy are 10 rings that work harmoniously together to bring you the most realistic intercourse experience (without intercourse). Each ring will move up and down in sync with the interactive content or when you’re using it by yourself

The Pearl2

The KIIROO Pearl2 is the most sensual Vibrator, designed to fulfil your deepest desires. It is the only vibrator with touch-sensitive technology that reacts to your body’s natural movement. 

With its automatic intensity setting, it allows you to play with less thought, allowing you to completely let go of your mind and enjoy your body the way you are meant to. Featuring vibrations which are both perfect for inside G-spot simulation or external clitoral vibration the Pearl 2 is waiting for you to explore it. 

The Pearl 2 is the only teledildonics product that allows a connected experience for lesbians. Feel your partners movement across the room, city or country

Dive into a new era of interactivity

Connect with your partner from anywhere in the world or go interactive with over 5,000 compatible

erotic movies, which will bring your Teledildonics experience alive.

Onyx+ can be paired with any KIIROO or FeelTechnology-enabled device, offering you a top-quality

immersive experience. Truly feel your partner’s touch, in real-time, from anywhere in the world.

With the Onyx+ and Pearl 2 you can:

  • Feel your lover – When paired online, the corresponding device mimics intimacy in real-time from anywhere in the world.
  • Feel videos – The thrusting sensations of Onyx+ and Pearl 2 sync with the motions you see on the screen, making you feel like you are right there in the scene.
  • Feel virtual reality – Use Onyx+ and Pearl 2 in combination with VR Glasses and Virtual Reality Porn. Experience high-quality adult videos filmed in 180- and 360-degrees with 3D Stereoscopic views.
  • Feel Webcam Models – KIIROO’s webcam partners have a special interactive section on their website with hot models ready to control your device.
  • Feel Interactive Games – immerse yourself in the game and feel what’s happening simultaneously.

Interactive Erotic Content

The Onyx+ and Pearl2 allows you to interact with a variety of content available online. It will stimulate in sync with the interactive online content. You can now be a part of the content and not just watch it.

Wireless Play

Transmit touch to your partner’s device from across the room to across the world. Allow your

pleasure to be in the hands of your partner. The FeelConnect App will sync your touch with your

partner so you can both feel connected even when far apart.


The Onyx+ is made with skin-like RealFeel sleeve with a soft touch and glossy finish, the Onyx+ creates the most realistic feeling.

The Pearl2 is Waterproof Silicone, the Pearl 2 is ready to be used in the shower or taking a bath. Be in control of your own experience. 


Both the Pearl2 and the Onyx+ feature a USB charger and is included for its lithium-ion batteries. It takes approximately four hours to fully charge the Onyx+ and the Pearl2 takes approximately two hours. 


All KIIROO products come with a one-year warranty against all defects in material and workmanship.



Total Size: 8.9 x 7.9 x 26.3cm

Hole diameter: 4.5 x 4cm

Internal length: 16.5cm

Weight: 1.3kg for device


Total Size: 20cm x 3.9cm x 3.65 cm

Weight: 139 grams for device

Is it for us?

Interactive play is one of the biggest trends right now. If you are looking for one of the best

Teledildonic experience to stay connected this set is for you.