Nora by Jil
Nora by Jil
Nora by Jil
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Nora by Jil

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JIL brings sensual appearance unlike any other. The products in this collection have been designed with the greatest precision, making them perfect to fulfil your deepest desires. We have used a new technology to develop these medical grade silicone toys.
It gives them the softness and endless flexibility to adjust perfectly to the shape of any body. One touch will be enough to fall in love with the warmth JIL radiates. Allow them into your life and let their affection overwhelm you with passion!


The NORA is equipped with a new generation
motor for your ultimate pleasure! Measuring an
impressive 22cm in length and with an average
diameter of 3,4 cm, the NORA comes with 10
different speed modes reaching up to 8100 rpm!
The noise level is very discrete, never going over
more than 50Db. The NORA, “simple" quality for
the discerning woman of today!