Cliona by KIIROO
Cliona by KIIROO
Cliona by KIIROO
Cliona by KIIROO
Cliona by KIIROO
Cliona by KIIROO
Cliona by KIIROO
Cliona by KIIROO
Cliona by KIIROO
Cliona by KIIROO
Cliona by KIIROO
Cliona by KIIROO
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Cliona by KIIROO


The KIIROO Cliona is a powerful, pocket-sized clit massager that allows you to play like no other Brand allows. Whether alone, playing with interactive content or your lover across the room or world. The KIIROO Cliona puts the control in your or someone elses hand. 

Multiple accolades puts KIIROO a stand above the rest when it comes to any interactive Teledildonics products in the Market. Winner and nominated for Xbiz 2017, Xbiz 2018, Xbiz 2019, Bucharest summit and Live cam Awards. 

Dive into a new era of interactivity

Connect with your partner from anywhere in the world or go interactive with over 5,000 compatible erotic movies

Cliona can be paired with any KIIROO or FeelTechnology-enabled device, offering you a top-quality immersive experience.

  • Connect to your lover
  • Connect to video content
  • Connect to VR
  • Connect to webcam models
  • Connect to interactive Games

Interactive Erotic Content

The Cliona allows you to interact with a variety of content available online as it whims(dafuq wording) and stimulates in sync with interactive online content. Let over 5,000 erotic videos be in control of you pleasure. 

Wireless Play

Transmit touch to your partner’s device from across the room to across the world.  Allow your pleasure to be in the hands of your partner. The FeelConnect App Syncing your touch with your partners.  (this needs sexying up)


With soft ABS silicione and a Matt finish, this soft clitoral vibrator is also Waterproof. Allowing you to play wherever, whenever.

Battery/ Charge

A USB charger is included for its Lithium-ion battery. It takes approximately two hours to charge for one hour of intense pleasure. With a smart battery indicator, it will show when a recharge is required.


The Kiiroo Cliona comes with a one-year warranty against all defects in material and workmanship. 

How to use

A water-based lubricant should be used. Hold the Cliona at the base of the device and apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to the head. Using lubricant will prolong the lifespan of Cliona and give you the most comfortable experience. 

Do not use Silicone lubricant as it will deteriorate the silicone, Massage oils or hand creams ans lubricant, Cliona Anally. 


  • Total Size: 11.5 x 5 x 4 cm
  • Weight: 75g without box

Is it for me?

Interactive play is one of the biggest trends in the last 12 months. Allowing you to play with your lover wherever you are or interact with erotic content online. If this is something that you think you’d enjoy we highly recommend it.