Play time: Ohmibod Lovelife Snuggle

by M A C on August 27, 2019

So this is going to sound like an eye-rolling first world problem, but my partner took my favourite vibrator away so I could test out the Ohmibod Lovelife Snuggle thoroughly over the course of a few weeks. Was I excited? Not really.

My favourite could give me wave after wave of orgasms, like really good, body contorting orgasms. My vibrator standards were set quite high because of it. How could anything hold up to that exquisite machine?

I begrudgingly gave it up and accepted the new toy. My curiosity piqued at the unknown plaything I’d have in and on me in mere hours, but a little doubtful at how it could adequately fulfill my needs 😉😏

So here we are, more than a month later reviewing the Ohmibod Lovelife Snuggle. This feels like a school report, oddly enough. Like a sexy, adult school report.


I was nicely surprised by the packaging, since it was quite cute and girly. It’s not tacky like a lot of sex toy packaging can be. The Snuggle comes in a rather large bright pink box. The sleeve has a cut out in the shape of the Snuggle, which reveals a rather lovely print on the box beneath.  

There’s another cut out on the side of the box that has a thoughtfully placed ribbon, which you pull to get the contents out.

Inside the box contains a cardboard insert, once you remove it, there’s the product nestled in a plastic casing. 

Inside, you get the toy, a satin modesty bag, and a USB charging cable.

What is it?

A winner of a Red Dot award for product design, the Snuggle is a splash proof dual stimulation vibrator that’s made from premium dust-free, body safe silicone and PU coated ABS plastic. That sounded very textbook and a little infomercial-like. I guess I just want you to know that it’s made of top-quality materials and not any nasty phthalates, yay! The design itself has been recognised on an official capacity, so it must be good, right? I’d say it’s a cute design with cute colours. It definitely doesn’t look like an intimidating, shame-inducing toy.

The shape of the Snuggle is quite interesting. So, it’s designed similarly to a lot of dual stimulation massagers in that there’s a shaft for insertion and a little flap, nib thing that rests on your clitoris. However, the shaft is where it’s a bit different. I’m used to seeing internal vibrators that have a uniform size throughout the whole shaft. This one has a wider head and a narrower, tapered body. To be honest, I had some doubts about the shape, especially the length of it (the length is 20.5cm while it has a diameter of 3.3cm), but we’ll get into that later.

It has six different pulsations to choose from, and different intensities ranging from gentle to intense. It’s USB rechargeable, with the charging port conveniently located at the bottom of the toy. It has two quiet yet powerful motors in built. A full charge will last you about two hours’ worth of playtime and roughly 90 days standby time. You’ll get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Just thought that I’d mention that Ohmibod is a female owned company, which I found to be pretty cool!


The way the vibrator is made enables you to have vibrations on your G-Spot and clitoris simultaneously. Hold down the wavy button icon on the heart-shaped control pad and use it to also change the pattern. The plus and minus buttons are there to increase and decrease the intensity, respectively. On a complete side note, the control pad kind of looks like a winking face, which is cute and quirky, kind of like me.

It’s pretty simply to use, lube it up, put it in and put the flap on your clit, and select your pattern and intensity and go to town!


I’d never used anything like this before, so I thought that it was quite handy having something that hit both my G-Spot and clit at the same time, as I often ask my partner to bring out a vibrator whilst we’re mid-coitus. When I’m home and he’s not there, this actually seemed like the perfect solution to my wet woes.

The flexible clit nib doesn’t sit properly on me so I kind of have to force it on there, but in the throes of passion it does slip, and it no longer hits the right spot. I’d love to just be able to flip the toy around and slide it in, but because of the placement of the nib and the specific curvature of the toy I can’t do that, and I have to use it in a very specific way.

The way I use it is a little weird. I thought I’d just put it in and leave it to do its thing while I have waves of orgasms, but this isn’t the case. Yes, I can achieve waves of orgasms with this, and though it does require a little bit more work, I reckon it’s worth it. I actually have to twirl it around, so it hits my G-Spot. Weird, I know, but I found that way is the most effective and less time-consuming. The first time I orgasm is generally fast, however with the second and third times I need to put in a bit more effort (i.e. use different settings and intensities) and have patience. I’ve had leg trembling, back arching, full body orgasms with this, which I thought I wouldn’t. That was definitely a nice surprise.

I really like how smooth the silicone is. I know silicone will be smooth anyway, but this one glides on in with minimal lube. At first I thought I wouldn’t like how the head is bigger than the middle, but I surprisingly like it, definitely a good tease. It does last a while from one charge, I was getting just over two hours of cumulative usage 😉

In a deathly quiet house, I reckon you’d be able to hear the vibrations from the Snuggle. But, if there’s traffic and general white noise, no one apart from you should be able to hear the motors. Once it’s inside and if you’re under the covers, you definitely don’t hear it as much.

There are a few things it could improve on, like having the option to select which part vibrates. There is a setting that alternates vibrations between the two, however choosing which one vibrates would be awesome. In regard to the shape of it, I do wish it was a bit longer, maybe another four to five centimetres. And obviously I’d like the clit nib to be a bit longer and more flexible too just so I don’t have to keep adjusting it so that it actually sits on my clit. But I suppose that’d be different with everyone’s diverse anatomies.


Use lube. Probably can’t say it enough, but please use lube. And wash it after use, it’s more important to do it with this one especially when you use it internally.

When you first get it, definitely play around with the controls, check out the curvature of it so you know how to manipulate it to suit your curvature. I always start on the basic setting to test the waters then play with the intensity before checking out the different patterns.

If you buy this Here use discount code "Snuggle" for a 10% discount, do some research (!) and let me know how you use it in the comments!