Play time: OhMiBod Bluemotion Nex1

by M A C on January 16, 2020

This product definitely would have come in handy when I was overseas for five weeks and my partner was back home. I went five whole weeks without him, and you could tell. I longed for a kiss, for a touch and I couldn’t wait until I got home to completely ravage him. And then cover him in kisses and cuddle him. And can you believe I only touched myself once during that whole trip? For some reason I just can’t get it on in the shower.

Anyway, I digress.

In the past month and a bit, my partner and I had the pleasure (!) of playing with the OhMiBod Bluemotion Nex1.


What is it?

A Bluetooth, app-controlled wearable vibrator that works up to 10 metres away when in Bluetooth range. You can be connected to anyone with internet access. See how this would have been handy for us while I was on the other side of the world yearning for my partner?

Essentially you pop the vibrator in your undies, or in the undies provided, more on that later, and either you can control the pattern and intensity to what you want, or your partner can. It sounded like the perfect vibrator for couples, especially when they’re far from each other. I suspect long-distance couple would benefit from this to really feel more connected when they're feeling amorous.

With the OhMiBod Remote App you can play, chat and log your orgasms. You can connect with your partner, chat and send pictures and log your orgasms over time, kind of like an orgasm diary. Important to note that it’s only compatible with Android and Apple phones.

In the box

Inside you get the vibrator, a blue lacy thong, charging cable and a modesty pouch to store your vibrator in along with a booklet with a how-to guide and warranty information.

The blue thong is cute and soft, but way too big. I wear an Australian 12, curse my wide hips, and it was loose on me. I was scared to wear it out since I was constantly imagining my thong falling, the vibrator along with it for everyone to see. My partner said that he’d pick it up, sniff it while looking at people and then laugh about it later. I guess that’s the best worst outcome, right?

Note: I never wore the thong out, I was way too afraid to!

How to Use

Charge it first and make sure you and/or your partner download the OhMiBod app from your phone’s respective app store. There’s only one button on it, so it makes it easy to power it on (its’s a press and hold power button).

Now this button you can also use without the app to change the speed and pattern of the vibrator. It’s got three speeds for the first pure vibrating setting and then two separate patterns with only one speed each.

Once we head into the app, there are a few more settings to play with!

App Patterns

The first setting is called ‘Rhythm’ which are a group of pre-set patterns you can’t change the intensity or speed of. It’s quite fun to use when you’re first starting off and don’t know what to do. My partner and I played around a lot with this one and I did like the Club setting most since it was the fastest and most intense setting.

The other pre-set patterns had names like Ludicrous, Crashing Waves, The Moon, Deep and Steady and Intense and Fast. Sadly, Intense and Fast wasn’t as intense and fast as I would have liked it to be, especially compared to Club.

The next setting is called ‘Tap’, which lets you control only the intensity of the vibrator. There’s a big button in the middle of the screen that you can tap to trigger the vibrator. This one was the least used only because there was only one controllable vibration setting and no other patters to play with.

The third setting is ‘Touch’, and it lets you, or your partner, control the intensity and speed of the vibrator. On this setting screen there’s a square divided into quadrants. The top right of quadrant gives you the fastest and most intense vibration while the bottom left gives you the slowest and least intense vibration, though to me it was virtually non-existent. We spent a bit of time using this one because my partner was able to tease me to no end. He’d start a bit slow, then super-fast and intense, then take it back. It drove me wild.

The fourth and last setting is called ‘Club Vibe’ and allows the person to talk into the phone’s microphone. The app picks up the vibrations in their voice and transmits it to the vibrator. It works really well with bass heavy music. My partner and I played with this one for a bit, testing the limits of it. This one was best used at a club, go figure, and was a good way to tease me as I waited in anticipation at what was to come (I knew it’d be me, but later in the evening)!


The only tips I have for you is to play around with it and don’t expect it to be a replacement vibrator when you’re in bed, or in the shower or bath, or standing, or whatever your preferred location for some serious loving is.

Other things I’d say to do are to wear it and get your partner to go through the settings, so he knows which one you respond best to. Can you imagine just being out and suddenly you feel the faint murmur of the vibrator. You two are the only ones that know what naughtiness is happening. It’s kind of cool and sexy.


I was a bit hesitant to use it while my partner controlled it because I was afraid he’d use it in the most inappropriate of places. He wanted me to wear it to a wedding with my whole family there. I didn’t. But when we did use it, it was quite titillating, and it felt like we had our own little secret.

My favourite setting was the voice setting. When my partner had the app open on his phone and spoke into it, I could feel the vibrations on my end. He’d just have the app open, and if it didn’t disconnect, he’d just start speaking really low and slow to make sure his microphone picked up his voice.  

Some qualms I did have with it were mainly app related. The app was glitchy and there were some real battery level inconsistencies. It drained from 60% down to zero in about 40 minutes. I charged it up and did more testing and it drained 8% in two minutes. Here’s the real kicker though, the battery percentage went up after that, then back down, but it also kept disconnecting. So, the app could use an overhaul.

One other gripe I had was that the pattern changed intermittently and wouldn’t stay on the selected pattern. It didn’t happen all the time, but it was annoying that it kept changing.

The last issue I had was how loud it was! It’s a deep vibration that got amplified when my thighs weren’t together, stifling its volume. You definitely can’t be at a quiet dinner with other people otherwise they’ll hear the vibrator. Goes back to why I didn’t wear it to the wedding we went to!

I had the false notion that this would be equal to my other vibrators but it’s not. Take it for what it is, which is a vibrator to pop in your undies to make you and your partner feel closer and a bit more connected. It’s fun and great for foreplay, as we discovered. It was fun relinquishing control like that. I was always waiting with anticipation and wondering when he’d strike again!

I wore it with my very unsexy Bonds undies because it had a nice little open flap bit that the vibrator sat nicely in. You do have to fiddle around with it a bit to make sure it sits on your clit, but once it’s on, it’s fun. I didn’t find the vibrations to be extra strong, especially when there’s a layer, or sometimes two layers of fabric, separating the vibrator from my lady button, which is why I stress that this isn’t a replacement for your tried and true.

My partner and I keep using this one strictly for foreplay and I definitely feel like it helps us feel a bit closer when we haven’t seen each other in a while (sadly we don’t live together).

If you and your partner get your hands on one of these, let us know what your favourite setting is in the comments!

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