by M A C on March 04, 2019


A lot of people seem to think foreplay is mainly for the girl to get in the mood, but it also helps with building sexual anticipation for guys too. Before I was sexually knowledgeable, I used to think foreplay was just kissing and groping. I guess in a basic nutshell it is, but it’s what it makes you feel that is important. To me, it let’s me know that he wants me, and it shows him that I want him.


Foreplay doesn’t necessarily have to be right before sex, it can be a whole day affair. If you’re out and about put hand on their lower back, grab their inner thigh, or kiss the side of their neck to set the mood for later.


One thing to try in the bedroom is a simple blindfold. Blindfolds and visual deprivation are a good way to heighten your other senses. For me, every touch is electric, and I can feel every delicate kiss and firm grab. When it comes to sensual caresses, don’t just use your lips, we have teeth, tongues, and finger nails to use on necks, backs, and thighs amongst other places!


The next thing my partner did, which always gets me in the mood, was light some incense, play some relaxing music, and then gave me a sensual massage. This did two things for me: relaxation, and his hands all over my oily body definitely made me excited for him. My partner always enjoys a good head…massage. I’ve seen his body react whenever I give him one and it always ends ecstatically. Skin contact and touching is an important part of foreplay as it connects you and your partner. The massage oil we use is Bijoux Indiscrets Bliss massage gel, which is slippery and lets you glide across their body easily. We want to give a relaxing massage, not a deep tissue one where they’re writhing in agony. That’s definitely a mood killer.


An often overlooked body part that deserves more attention are earlobes. Ear nibbles are amazing and eargasms are an actual thing, but don’t go sticking your tongue in their ear canal, unless they’re into that. However, if you’re like me and have a lot of piercings, a mouth full of metal may not be the delicacy your partner is after. So then, nibble on finger tips, upper thighs, and necks to get their hunger started.


There are so many more things you can do during foreplay, these tips aren’t just my little secret to enjoy with my paramour, but they’re to be shared and utilised so everyone has an amazing experience!


What’s your favourite type of foreplay? Let me know in the comments!