Couple fun with Toys

by M A C on March 04, 2019



My partner and I have agreed on experiencing things together at least once, this includes trying things in the boudoir. So, imagine my surprise the first time he blindfolded me. My senses were heightened from visual deprivation and every touch felt electric, especially when he teased me with a vibrator. We’ll save the foreplay tips for the next post, but my point is that sex doesn’t always have to be a textbook experience and using sex toys shouldn’t just be our little secret.


Sometimes with relationships, there can be a tendency for after hours playtime to decrease the longer the couple are together. Not all couples experience this, but if you’ve found that this is happening, or, you simply want to spice up your boudoir antics, using toys can help reignite your passion as well as have a different, gratifying experience.


The reason we introduced toys into some of our sessions was to enhance our pleasure. A lot of the time we’ll use a vibrator, and less often well throw in a dildo when we’re feeling extra amorous. Some vibrators and dildos we’d recommend are Coco de Mer Georgina Pleasure Wand or the Je Joue Dua. If you’ve already used these before, and want to try something that will, say, tighten things up again, I’d actually recommend a plug. Start off small and use plenty of lube. It’s not for everyone, but for those who try it, you’ll know how different it feels when he’s inside of you.


The vibrators and dildos are mainly for my pleasure, since he’s a very considerate guy, but there is a plethora of toys you can use which will increase his enjoyment too. Some in particular we’d recommend are the Lelo Hugo Prostate Massager or a Love Ring Vibrator such as the Coco de Mer George Pleasure Ring, the vibrating cock ring will be super pleasurable for both of you. Of course this isn’t the be all end all of toys you can use, there are so much more to experiment with and you’ll just have to keep trying them to figure out which ones you like!


Let me know in the comments which toys you and your partner use!