2019 Best Adult Toys of the year

by M A C on February 05, 2020

As we look back upon 2019 and the amazing sex toys that have arrived on the market, we wanted to compile a list of the best sex toys that we thought are both titilizing exciting and new and also include older generation sex toys that are simply must-haves. It was a hard choice to choose the top 10 sex toys, however here is our list. 


10.Intimate Earth Range

Intimate earth Range

Intimate Earth’s lube is the only lube product that managed to find its way into our top 10 for 2019, and there’s a good reason why! They’ve completely changed the game with their wide range of lubes and extracts. Not only that, their lube is not only good for your body but also good for the environment.

Intimate Earth’s “signature collection of arousal serums, glides & massage oils formulated with certified organic extracts & natural ingredients”. Their lubes have zero parabens, benzocaine, glycerine and aspartame.

This is one brand to definitely try in 2020!

Check out the amazing range here.

9. Mr Boss Fun factory

Mr Boss by fun Factory product

A classic that continues to fulfill desires year after year and aptly dubbed, “the dick of your wildest dreams”. Fun Factory’s waterproof Mr Boss boasts a nine-inch shaft with a two-inch girth and is for you, who want to tap into your wild side.

This German designed and produced vibrator will keep you lusting for more with its deep penetrating vibrations and G-spot targeting head that’ll give you some serious pleasure. (This German isn’t all work and no play)

There’s a reason why this big boy is one of our best sellers! I guess there’s only one way for you to find out.

Buy it now, here.


8. Queen G spot by Zalo

This majestic, award-winning Luxury Product of the Year sets itself apart from other toys. The Queen G Spot by Zalo has heating technology, Pulsewave TechTM and a whole host of options for you to use so that you can keep exploring your body.

The clitoral stimulator sleeve takes it to another level, and it can be transformed into a G-Spot vibrator, which is something you’ll just have to experience yourself! The Pulsewave TechTM creates a special waving vibration that gives a feeling unlike anything you’ve felt before.

The Queen G Spot also has an accompanying app that let’s you control it through your phone, so you can your partner can play together.
There’s a reason why it’s award-winning and it’s time for you to discover why!

Check it out here.

7. We Vibe Sync

We vibe Sync

The We Vibe Sync is a vibrator that is best enjoyed with a partner during sex. Year after year it’s provided hours of fun for couples. While it’s being worn, she receives powerful clitoral and G-spot vibrations while he enjoys the unique feel of its vibrations against his shaft.

The We Vibe app allows you to control it without the need to take it out or change positions so that you have uninterrupted pleasure. Let it take you to the next level of sensuality and intimacy by syncing music to your session.

This hands-free product is something every couple should have in their repertoire.

Check out the We Vibe Sync here.

6. B-Vibe Rimming plug

B vibe Rimming demonstration

B-Vibe is a newer member of the My Little Secret product range and is regarded as the best anal toy manufacturer in the world. If you have to have one product for some booty play, it should come from B-Vibe.

The Rimming Plug is the world’s first rimming plug with rotating beads that will twirl and tease the most sensitive parts of any bottom. While this seems like it would enough for a world-class anal toy, B-Vibe have added extra features to take it to the next level. The additional motor at the tip provides indirect
stimulation to those erogenous zones to give body-spasming prostate, or a-spot orgasms.

The wireless remote control makes this a fantastic product for solo users and couples too.

Check out the B-Vibe Rimming Plug here.

5. Doxy 3 die cast

Image of hand holding doxy

When the Hitachi Wand was discontinued, the market was flooded by cheap alternatives and you could tell that there were big differences in how they operated. The biggest difference being that they only
buzzed instead of rolling and rumbling like a good wand should.

The Doxy 3 Die Cast is the most powerful mains-operated wand massager. It creates extremely powerful vibrations that penetrate deep inside your body. The Doxy 3 built upon Hitachi’s legacy and they’ve crated unique and interchangeable heads. It shows its versatility with its different attachments; change from a wand to a rabbit, prostate massager or male masturbator within seconds.

If you’re looking for the most powerful vibrations, look no further than the Doxy 3.
Check out the Doxy 3 and its attachments here.

4. Femme Fun Booster Bullet

Femme fun booster bullet in its packaging

Femme Fun moves into our top four from having the strongest vibrator on the market to having the strongest bullet on the market! The Femme Fun Booster Bullet is an affordable bullet that has powerful vibrations that you’ll love.

The vibrations stay in your finger as opposed to travelling up your wrist like a lot of cheaper alternatives.
It has a beautiful magnetic charging case, 20 powerful vibrations modes and discreet waterproof features, which make it a must-have classic.

Check out the Femme Fun Booster Bullet here.

3. Womanizer Duo

womanizer duo product

The Germans have done it again! The Womanizer is the world’s most famous and luxurious clitoral stimulator. The Duo is a dual hands-free clit stimulator and g-spot vibrator that’ll blow your mind as it pleasures both erogenous zones. And yes, you read that correctly, it is hands-free!

The Pleasure Air Technology is featured again in the Duo, as featured in Womanizer’s previous models, and it’s no coincidence that it’s made it into the top three. Womanizer have also included amazing innovations like smart silence, which turns the product on once it comes in contact with your skin and will
automatically turn off once removed from the body.

That means no more bed vibrations after you lay there, relaxing from the powerful orgasms you’ve just had.

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2. F1s Developer kit

image of F1s developer kit by lelo

Our number two product has the least sexy name, but don’t let it fool you! Lelo’s F1S Developer Kit has boundless possibilities with its innovations, which is why it’s number 2!

While it’s still in development, it’s fully available to purchase and allows the developer, or the user using the app, to create unique experiences for men. Even though the demo is available, and we recommend waiting a few months for more apps to be available, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating pleasure.

Imagine creating unique sensations that only you enjoy or being able to recreate similar sensations that you see on screen. The F1S Developer Kit will help you explore all the pleasurable possibilities, the only limit being your imagination.

Check out Lelo’s F1S Developer Kit here.


1. Sona 2 by Lelo

image of 3 different colour of sona 2's

The best product of the year has gone to the incomparable Sona 2!
Lelo took on board everyone’s feedback from the original Sona and made some changes that will leave you wanting more!

The updated version of the bestselling Sona starts with a gentler pulsating sensation, which is good news for those who found the original to be a little intense. You can change from a gentle caress to a more powerful sonic pulsation, so every clit is covered, literally. The wider mouth allows for more of the
clitoral area to be pleasured and the ergonomic design makes it easy and intuitive to operate so you can focus on having wave after wave of powerful orgasms.

The affordable price point, ease of use and reliability as a teaser, pleaser, couple and solo toy, make it our number one product for the year.

Read the review for the Sona 2 here and get your hands on it here.

What do you think of our list? If there’s anything that should have made it, leave a comment below!


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